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since I find myself in a phase of bad sleep rhythm once again you can read the ramble I have about that, or (might be better) not )

well, there sometimes is need for the hurting and pulling-your-heartstrings kind of music which includes this song for me.
Counting Crows - Colorblind
There are many things to say about 'I am fine.' but I guess my friends already had a version that explains it better than I could right now.
fine is not finefine on a scale

The feeling in the song is just perfect for those moments you have no idea what you feel and are a bit lost. Every now and then I really need it.

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In a big effort to find all my 'mad world songs' - which was a playlist of super sad stuff I played when I needed it and/or vent those feelings and/or cry or other emotional baggage-problem-type-of-things - I found this one again. it fits because it correlates well with a story I had in my head the last few days (that is when I was awake thinking about it and trying to sleep, kinda dreaming about it).
I came across this song first when I watched a (very well done and emotional) episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' a few years back. The moment, the story for this song and the way Sara Ramirez sang it were absolutely astonishing. I remember sitting there watching and sobbing.
Later I listened to the original which is also brilliant and bringing me to tears every time I hear it, though the feeling in this version seems somewhat different to me. 
Any way.. this song was in that playlist. half an hour of misery and tears. marvellous.


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