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since first hearing it, I wanted it. badly. more of it. sometimes I don't know what it is but it grips me immediately. so I listened to this song about 20 times today already. if not more. it's absolutely good for me right now.

found it because of this
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Hm, let me get my rusty French out of the back of the closet... Is he singing about going crazy and pushing everyone away and fearing death because of all the melodies in his head? I only catch some words here and there ("je suis ce que je fui"-I am what I've always run from?; "je vous m'ennui à l'assasymphonie oú requiem"-I have bored you with requiems and whatever an assasymphonie is? and something about parties and rebirth ("je veux renaître"-ich werde widergeboren/wünsche mir widergeboren zu werden) in the second verse, I think. Bridge: "Pleur les violins de ma vie, la violence de mes envies?"-Die Violinen weinen über mein Leben, über die Gewalt der/meiner...?). Also, I forgot most of the grammar and the Deklinationsformen, especially of things like subjonctif and passe simple and those things you only get to hear about when you're past the third or fourth year of learning. And, as always in spoken French, I often can't decide when there is an apostrophe or when it's one word. Gah, and I had seven years of French in school, unbelievable!
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