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Band of Horses - No One's Gonna Love You, Rockpalast Kulturkirche Köln 2010       this version is just getting to me every time. 
I just wanna wrap this feeling around me, the illusion I could have someone who is that, this protective bubble, shelter, this warm presence holding me and keeping me safe. I could use that on days like this. someone to help make it all better and just being there. someone who refuses to go away, because they want to be there for me from the bottom of their heart. someone who does know what and when by instinct, because they know me. 
Date/Time: 2014-06-18 16:12 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] sevilemar
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You know this is a really tough thing to ask of someone, right? And not because you're you and you're unlovable or especially difficult, or some such shit, no. It is tough (maybe even impossible?) because nobody can know another human being that well. To instinctively know what they need on any given moment without some form of communication, and then be able to give it to them, too? As harsh as that may sound, but forget it. It might happen in books, yes, and maybe on rare occasions irl, and they are to be treasured. But for day to day life, it is impossible. I've tried.

I think we all dream about this safety; we certainly write and sing about it enough. But sometimes I wonder if all these books and songs are clouding our perception, make us develope expectations that are so widely unrealistic that we become unable to form any kind of relationship that doesn't conform to these (highly unrealistic) ideals.

[Well, I don't exactly wonder, I am actually convinced they do, much like the ideals of womanhood that are published by the media and that have been subject to criticism by feminists for decades. It's the same pattern, I'm sure of it.]


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