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Another one of those days. To say it in a song, I need to 'remember to forget'. I put on one of my comfort movies and re-watched my favourite scenes for those feelings and the music. I think big part of making that movie great for me is the music. [It's an indie production called Shelter.]
Anyways, calling songs of the day 'More Than This' and 'Lie to Me'.

Yes, heartstring ones again. I cannot keep away. On days like these they tear me up. Comfort songs with nice stories. Sometimes my life feels like this, so you see how I always get back here. But one thing I am never certain about is which side in 'Lie to Me' I am on..
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okay, what to do with boring tasks? normal people know, put some music on and it will be easier.
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In a big effort to find all my 'mad world songs' - which was a playlist of super sad stuff I played when I needed it and/or vent those feelings and/or cry or other emotional baggage-problem-type-of-things - I found this one again. it fits because it correlates well with a story I had in my head the last few days (that is when I was awake thinking about it and trying to sleep, kinda dreaming about it).
I came across this song first when I watched a (very well done and emotional) episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' a few years back. The moment, the story for this song and the way Sara Ramirez sang it were absolutely astonishing. I remember sitting there watching and sobbing.
Later I listened to the original which is also brilliant and bringing me to tears every time I hear it, though the feeling in this version seems somewhat different to me. 
Any way.. this song was in that playlist. half an hour of misery and tears. marvellous.
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since I find myself in a phase of bad sleep rhythm once again you can read the ramble I have about that, or (might be better) not )

well, there sometimes is need for the hurting and pulling-your-heartstrings kind of music which includes this song for me.
Counting Crows - Colorblind
There are many things to say about 'I am fine.' but I guess my friends already had a version that explains it better than I could right now.
fine is not finefine on a scale

The feeling in the song is just perfect for those moments you have no idea what you feel and are a bit lost. Every now and then I really need it.

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For getting up I put on Name by Mucc again. and I distinctly noted the has-she-lost-her-mind-look my father had when I came down to the kitchen with my singing phone. well, not yet, but leave me in musical bliss and it might take longer.

the day was full of family and food. as christmas often turns out I find. as nice as it was, it was also a lot so I used the time after everyone went on their merry way to take a shower in the dark. accompanied by the lingering sounds of Luna Sea's - Moon.
(could only find a live version but I used the new one; the old one is rougher but works just as well if not better in certain situations www.youtube.com/watch)
 you should try it sometime ^^
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I call 'Name' by Mucc for my drive to the family for Christmas. After a wonderful quiet opening on the compilation I put in, that song started and I was immediately like 'Oh wow, that's Mucc. Love!' it put me in a wonderful mindset for the long drive which was largely accompanied by old Christmas songs. good grief; who knew the Sex Pistols sang 'Jingle Bells'? *loony grin*
(yes, the 'Smells like Snowman' by a JRock fan I know by the name of chasefaster (who's blog sadly got deleted))

now I also know it has nice lyrics *smile*

'Thank God It's Christmas' and a weird discussion with mother about Freddie M. also reminded me of 'These Are The Days Of Our Lives' (by Queen if you haven't already guessed and then also shame on you). that song pulls on my heartstrings even if it is only playing in my head right now. (maybe that's a good thing) - yes travelling elsewhere keeps me from running to the pc/ music pile and putting up the things I think about - I think about the way it sounds and the melancholy lyrics, all that stuff surrounding the song that gets me and it is just a heaping lot. but for me it's also all in the song itself and I will always connect all that because I learned about that song just that way and I also learned to love it with a tear in the corner of my eye.

rambling because of übermüdetheit again.. sorry. what a long day
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when mother calls it often drags me down. I shouldn't let it but she has the power to make me feel half an inch tall with two sentences. makes you wanna pull the blanket over your head and forget the whole damn world exists. makes me feeling like linkin park. I searched for that line in my head for half an hour. it's from numb/encore.
"I'm becoming this. all I want to do is be more like me and be less like you. "
although so many linkin park songs make you wanna scream it all out (eg Crawling, Points of Authority, Bleed it Out, Papercut..) I should make a playlist again..
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my day of driving to ikea with friends started with snow patrol - run. www.youtube.com/watch (wow, I never saw them before) haven't listened to them in a long time but I got up and craved this song. soem years back I listened to them a lot and they have many brilliant songs.
the day turned out to become an X day. so many songs by X-Japan and sad ones for Hide at that. 'Tears'  http://www.youtube.com/watch, or was it scarlet love song again? all the 'longing's www.youtube.com/watch and 'I.V.www.youtube.com/watch
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a nice thing to get you moving in the morning is www.rainymood.com. I just walk around listening to the rain and get myself in order. usually it lifts a bit of grumpiness or bad mood right after getting up. and if you really, really wanna have something beautiful that makes you feel all kinds of things you throw on the theme of L.A. Noire on top of it www.youtube.com/watch. it is awesome. simply beautiful. works well at night. thank you internet person for the suggestion. I love.

and I will try to keep the people who gave me this close to my heart.
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so, I did this before. for some time.. or time and time again. on an old blog (I might eventually sneak something of in here) and in my head in any case.
'song of the day' is the one stuck in your head for a whole day or the one you just think about, sometimes stuff you hadn't listened to in ages. or simply the first music of the day. 

my motivation to get me moving and not.. ;)  is still, and still magically working the 'INC - Frosty Dance Video - 7' something about that song specifically and the power-move in the beginning make me dance and a little happier inside ^^

*guild wars player makes happy dances*
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