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EDIT: added some pictures in the end so the background show seems more like a show ^^.

 so I customized my desktop over several days nights with a cool theme I named potato game grunge. if you keep going and wanna read the details, you will get why. maybe some people already do....
anyway this is what it looks like
 my desktop atm balck/white theme with a potato pic and rainmeter apps
 (uhm.. okay. photo on internet. yeah, this is my old wordpress thingy. yes dreamwidth, please work on that picture hosting thing of yours.)

loads of boring details and links, but also some pictures at the end )
 I think I am set for now. I learned a bunch *phew*  and managed not to break anything (yet). we'll see if I find other little things I change or I make a different theme. later.. rest now. ah btw, I adjusted my backgrounds again to lighter ones so I can see the apps. its a few from the pack and new ones from angerina I found.
 just saying it again because it's what I love, use, enjoy and admire. angerina warpride makes awesome little potato images which I guess started back when WoodenPotatoes did a daily video series before and for the launch of GuildWars2.
 I have to admit though, while working I watched different LPs, both other games and gamers. *defends herself* only because I have listened to each VisualWood propably a few times at this point and need a teeny tiny break. today is sunday! I'll be there! okay, right now I am watching the Ni no Kuni LP by Special Attack (he has a nice voice, cares about the story [both a big plus for me], a guest commentator ^^. he also did a LP of FFXIV I watched. right, I do forget to mention the game was animated by Studio Ghibli and has music by Joe Hisashi! must watch! and absolutely adorable! if I want one console game to come to android, and am prepared to pay a sum for, it's this one!) 

 /bow and goodnight ^^/


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