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genuis? genie? whiz?
anyroads, listening to a lecture in german and simultaneously a (not as loud) livestream in englisch and catching ~80% of each.. awesome! really making me feel geeky and good. timeshare! double time. work it, baby. I will know everything *insert master laugh*

and whoo *shoutout* to the sab protest movement! #occupysab2014
peeps in gw2 are standing in front of sab in many maps crying, partying, demanding to be let in, praising sab and its fun, asking anet to open it or make it permanent.. anything. it's beautiful. spend a fair amount of time last night dancing in front of sab boom boxes, crying because I miss it, debating writing bug reports of blocked progress in sab and starting fireworks. also screaming at moto to hurry up updating. it's been a year, bunny, a whole year. I want hoppy paradise back..
sab or riot
more sab or we riot!
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how do I do this to myself over and over again?
it's not like I didn't already listen to and watch hours and hours of podcasts and streams and stuff today.. no, I have to go out and watch TotalBiscuit play Hearthstone. and sort of learn some things about the mechanics of this game.. and considering playing it.
note: and playing it for three or so hours .. damn me! damn addiction-hugging-personality!
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okay, what to do with boring tasks? normal people know, put some music on and it will be easier.


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