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besides all the fun technical problems and background commentary from different students..
a teacher who is not a teacher and hates being asked the same thing over and over.
"Manchmal habt ihr die geistige Beweglichkeit einer Betonwand." ~ something like "You're mentally as flexible as concrete."
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day two of me listening to this song up and down.
thank you sugizo, for giving me something beautiful to obsess about. \^^/
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and sometimes just moves slowly. good music can fill in some bleak spaces.
Luna Sea - Time Is Dead (20 yr anniversary tour - kurofuku gentei)

edit: the whole concert is messing with me on the one hand and calming me on the other. it's like I am here and taking information in, but I am also flying in fan-lands diembodied....
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I met my bunch of crazies again yesterday. wonderful evening, I needed that.
now I cannot decide which is the song. I feel as torn and mental as I maybe seemed last night.

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edit: this is only version 7 or so of this post.. cuts and youtube embedding are not my friends..
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For getting up I put on Name by Mucc again. and I distinctly noted the has-she-lost-her-mind-look my father had when I came down to the kitchen with my singing phone. well, not yet, but leave me in musical bliss and it might take longer.

the day was full of family and food. as christmas often turns out I find. as nice as it was, it was also a lot so I used the time after everyone went on their merry way to take a shower in the dark. accompanied by the lingering sounds of Luna Sea's - Moon.
(could only find a live version but I used the new one; the old one is rougher but works just as well if not better in certain situations www.youtube.com/watch)
 you should try it sometime ^^


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