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I know, I know. I cannot move away from JRock. on the other hand, why would I? since I started listening at an age around 13 I haven't stopped. the bands I listen to most might change, the style might change slightly, the musicians might get older, but the passion is still there. since I have been doing it for so long, this music is connected to every part of me, of my life. most of my memories, good and bad, are intertwined with one piece or another.
I could tell you about the weeks/ months when I felt so unsure and nervous about new parts of my life and the album I put in my cd-player. the album that played every night through the night, lulling me to sleep and making me cry and also wrapping me in a cocoon of goodness.
I could tell you about walking home from school to certain songs. or hiding at home under headphones, trying to shut of the rest of the world.

I could talk about many things, and some day I might. but today, we are with a song that touched something in me the first time I heard it, and every time since. the piano version is bitter sweet and was a long established piece in my regular old music rotation (when, granted, my collection was not as big). anyroads, there is this live version of both Gackt on piano and Kami on drums. and it just adds drama and emotion. there was a time I listened to it for hours on end. like this morning. alright, enough talk, back to goth-y nostalgia.
Malice Mizer - Regret (Kami and Gackt Duett)

R.I.P. Kami

update: and what did my trusty player give me all the way home? the forementioned album. made me slightly melancholy but also happy.

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I met my bunch of crazies again yesterday. wonderful evening, I needed that.
now I cannot decide which is the song. I feel as torn and mental as I maybe seemed last night.

choices )
edit: this is only version 7 or so of this post.. cuts and youtube embedding are not my friends..
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do you remember some songs or albums you listened to up and down when you were young? you know, in the good old days .. the days when you were so unbelievably happy you got a copy of that music you wanted in your hometown's tiny little music/jeans-store? or .. got it when you got to a bigger town? or later managed to get a copy of someone else who had an idea how to do it and had equipment for it? oh, those days.. 
go and look in your actual music library, the physical one and pick something to reminisce about.


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