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starting monday morning before your alarm and in pain.. bad. not even getting distracted by work because the computer programs failed.. longing to be back in bed while you stare at the rain..
and then when work started you were expected to copy stuff. when you weren't talked at and onto your headache.. copy time my favourite time. because I listened to nice things all the while. (and remembered me singing this with a chorus back in school)
blessed musical silence.
I also never knew what a cutie Paul Simon was ;)

outofmymind: music notes bubbling up from a top hat (music)
a nice thing to get you moving in the morning is www.rainymood.com. I just walk around listening to the rain and get myself in order. usually it lifts a bit of grumpiness or bad mood right after getting up. and if you really, really wanna have something beautiful that makes you feel all kinds of things you throw on the theme of L.A. Noire on top of it www.youtube.com/watch. it is awesome. simply beautiful. works well at night. thank you internet person for the suggestion. I love.

and I will try to keep the people who gave me this close to my heart.


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