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genuis? genie? whiz?
anyroads, listening to a lecture in german and simultaneously a (not as loud) livestream in englisch and catching ~80% of each.. awesome! really making me feel geeky and good. timeshare! double time. work it, baby. I will know everything *insert master laugh*

and whoo *shoutout* to the sab protest movement! #occupysab2014
peeps in gw2 are standing in front of sab in many maps crying, partying, demanding to be let in, praising sab and its fun, asking anet to open it or make it permanent.. anything. it's beautiful. spend a fair amount of time last night dancing in front of sab boom boxes, crying because I miss it, debating writing bug reports of blocked progress in sab and starting fireworks. also screaming at moto to hurry up updating. it's been a year, bunny, a whole year. I want hoppy paradise back..
sab or riot
more sab or we riot!
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you know who your friends are if your doorbell rings at three am. or if they are simply coming by to get you. 
it's good to know someone has your back.
thanks, dear. *big hug*
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okay, I think this is becoming my gw2 chara overview post. sevil, don't ask difficult questions, really.. or do because it is an opportunity to find something interesting out. okay, so here goes the short description of all mine in relation to the asked question. I will put in the links to the longer introductions as soon as they are out. 

hm.. which character surprised me the most? not an easy question. )

so I guess that's the answer. I seem most surprised by the "so cute and enjoyable and endearingly, adorably strange and funny" ones as Rún once put it. maybe it is because often that seems so foreign to me or because I love it because it is so opposite of what I or many of my characters often are. I will have to think on that more. 

edit: Happy Birthday Rún and Seren. Your first year on Tyria was adventurous and dangerous and fun. To many more!


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