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I call 'Name' by Mucc for my drive to the family for Christmas. After a wonderful quiet opening on the compilation I put in, that song started and I was immediately like 'Oh wow, that's Mucc. Love!' it put me in a wonderful mindset for the long drive which was largely accompanied by old Christmas songs. good grief; who knew the Sex Pistols sang 'Jingle Bells'? *loony grin*
(yes, the 'Smells like Snowman' by a JRock fan I know by the name of chasefaster (who's blog sadly got deleted))

now I also know it has nice lyrics *smile*

'Thank God It's Christmas' and a weird discussion with mother about Freddie M. also reminded me of 'These Are The Days Of Our Lives' (by Queen if you haven't already guessed and then also shame on you). that song pulls on my heartstrings even if it is only playing in my head right now. (maybe that's a good thing) - yes travelling elsewhere keeps me from running to the pc/ music pile and putting up the things I think about - I think about the way it sounds and the melancholy lyrics, all that stuff surrounding the song that gets me and it is just a heaping lot. but for me it's also all in the song itself and I will always connect all that because I learned about that song just that way and I also learned to love it with a tear in the corner of my eye.

rambling because of übermüdetheit again.. sorry. what a long day


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